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Infant and Child Survival Swimming



Infant Survival teaches babies to roll over from a face down position onto their backs to relax and breathe.  This life-saving skill is taught by our certified instructors and will gently introduce your child to the water, build trust, instill confidence, and skills.

Baby Survival Swimming Lessons are amazing to watch. The transformation is unparalleled. Babies and young children begin helpless in the water and grow into confident, capable swimmers in weeks, not years.


  • Ages 6 months to 14 months

  • 10-minute Private Lesson

  • (4) Private lessons per week

  • approximately 16-24 lessons




Your child will gently be introduced to the water by your instructor. Once your child is comfortable in the water, the instructor will work with him/her to guide them through the lesson process and build a level of trust and comfort in the water. Once this is established, your child will begin to learn how to roll-back-to-float and then eventually start the swimming process depending on the child’s age.


Children will learn to swim a short distance with face fully submerged, flip over onto their back to float, resting whenever they need to breathe, and flip back onto their tummy continuing to swim to safety while fully clothed. The swim-flip-swim survival swimming sequence serves as the foundation for independent swimming and future stroke development.

• Ages 12 months and up

• 10-minute Private Lesson

• (2 -4) lessons per week

• approximately 24–32 total lessons

Fast Track Option

In a Hurry?

Our fast-track survival swimming option is designed to help your child progress at a faster rate as well as become familiar with the work, environment, and their skills in a condensed time frame. 


Fast Track can be especially advantageous for pre-vacation preparation, those here on vacation, children out of school, maternity leave or if you just want to jump start your child’s skill. Fast track is also a great option for hesitant children or students with willful tendencies.


Submit your information to us at and we will call you with options that fit your needs.

Survival Practice Lessons
Survival Swimming Weekly Practice​​​​​​ Lessons


Once independent swimming and floating are mastered, practice lessons are imperative!  A practice schedule is recommended to preserve and strengthen swimming skills and confidence as your child grows.  In addition to a stronger emphasis on the swimming mechanics of kicking and correct boody position, our swimmers have fun going down the slide, diving for rings, and becoming stronger swimmers by participating in activities designed to increase endurance and promote aquatic enjoyment.

  • All Ages

  • Private, Semi-Private, Group

  • 1 to 3 times per week

Flipkick Survival Swimming Lessons Serving Forth Worth, North Richland Hills, Lake Worth, Eagle Mountain Lake, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Colleyville, Southlake, Grapevine, and Keller.

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