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 Stroke Development

& Floats

Survival swimming graduates who would like to improve on the basic swim strokes in a fun group environment.

Swim Float Swim skills layered with Freestyle and Backstroke Drills.


Requirement: must have completed Swim Float Swim.

3-4 students per class.

Intermediate Stroke Development
Advanced Stroke Developement

This program builds seamlessly upon Swim Float Swim and is intended for a beginner swimmer as well. 

The focus in LEVEL 3 is Freestyle and Backstroke emphasis on kicking.  Kicking is an essential component to all strokes.

The focus in LEVEL 4 to refine Freestyle and Backstroke technique and timing drills.

  • Swim Float Swim graduates can begin at 4 years old.

  • New beginners can begin at 5 years old with after successful completion of an evaluation.

  • Privates, Semi- Privates, and Groups

  • 1- 3 times weekly

  • Ages 4 to Adult

Are you looking for pre competitive swimming? Our Advanced Stroke Development will deliver skills while paying close attention o details.


Main Objectives:

 LEVEL 5: Advanced Freestyle & Backstroke with flip turns.

LEVEL 6: Build endurance (50 YRDS) & Intro into Butterfly

LEVEL 7: Build endurance (100 YRDS) & Butterfly/ Breastroke

LEVEL 8: Elite competitive stroke technique with long axis.

  • Succesful completion of LEVEL 4 or the equivalent based on swim evaluation for new swimmer.

  • All ages to Adult

  • Private, Semi-Private, Group

  • All ages to Adult

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