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Swim Lessons at Flipkick Swim Academy


Why are Flipkick survival swim lessons so successful?

From infants to adolescents to adults, our Personalized and Progressive Approach allows us to customize each swim lesson to the individual at all levels.  We begin by teaching the most crucial component to swimming, the ability to obtain air independently without the need of a device being worn, a person being close by, or a destination within reach. 

Once a person knows they can obtain air independently their confidence raises and progressing into stroke development is fast and easy.


What age can babies begin swim lessons? What is the oldest age Flipkick teaches to swim?

Our mission is to develop individuals over the course of their lifespan.  We begin at 2 months of age and have taught people into their 70's! Our mission is to share result to people of all ages at all levels.


Do I have to wait for a new swim lesson session to begin?

We have open enrollment, you can start anytime!


Which program should I register for?

Each of our programs are designed with specific skill levels in mind and our recommendations are based on which program puts your child in the best place to be successful..

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