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What Parents are Saying

“We love Kona. She is the calmest person I know--I can learn parenting skills from her! Our daughter learned to swim easily and quickly. Thank you, Kona! I can't recommend her enough."

Laura W.

"Our 16 month old really enjoyed Flipkick! Maybe not at the beginning of classes, but at the end of the program he loved swimming with Kona. He now truly loves being in the water! Our child has learned the life saving skill of floating on his back for minutes at a time and, even more importantly, he has learned to respect the pool. He no longer thinks of the pool as a curious concrete hole full of liquid to play in. Kona is great with the kids and has a great sense of knowing how far to push them without compromising safety. The indoor facility is also nice for year round classes. The Flipkick program of one on one learning for 10 minutes a day actually works for the kids. The daily progress is very apparent and this is the best way to teach young children about the water, while providing a potentially life saving skill that they will never forget."

Carla F.

“Flipkick is a great program. We enrolled our sons at the same time when one was 27 months old and the other was 8 months old. It is amazing how far they have come in 7 months. It is actually unbelievable how Kona can get babies to float on their backs and turn over and kick and turn back over and float. Our oldest now loves swimming and can float on his back, swim across the pool, and swim underwater (at less than 3 years old). The Flipkick program of 10 minute lessons is different from other programs we looked into, but it works. Ask them to send you video of babies in the water they have worked with; it will amaze you."

"Miss Kona is the most amazing swimming teacher!! She has such grace with working with the kids. I love working with her!! You should totally sign up for the swim kick program it is well worth it!! My son will be using these skills for the rest of his life."

Marcie C.

"Miss Kona is an exceptional swimming instructor! My son loved her and learned survival swimming skills in less than 6 weeks when he was only 2 and 1/2 years old. We would recommend her in a heartbeat!!"



"I really enjoyed Flipkick for my two year old! I didn't think she would be able to complete the program because of her "it's my way or no way" attitude. But Kona was great with her and she loves to be in the water now! She is able to float and save her self if she fell in and that's good to know because we have a pool. Love! Love! Love!"

Nycole B.

"What my 20 month old son was able to accomplish in 8 weeks is astounding! It is well worth the money and time commitment. Kona teaches babies and toddlers life saving skills in a very nurturing way. I'm still amazed at what she is able to do, as are our family and friends. Best decision we've made regarding the safety of our child! We will start our 3 month old daughter in lessons with Kona as soon as she's old enough."

Koree M.

Ben T.

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